Plot Tour Aug. 18th

Lunch will be provided! Social distancing and masks are strongly encouraged (and will be provided if needed) for the safety and comfort of all our customers.

Curt also had a chance to talk about the event earlier this week on the radio. Listen in for more details!

Curt talks about Steve Snyder, Enlist, and our upcoming show plot tour!

We look forward to seeing you!

Featured image: Oregon Department of Agriculture

Bischoff Family In the News

Bauman Agency’s Matt and Heather Bischoff and their family feature prominently in a new article in the Tri-State Neighbor this week, talking about the Bischoffs’ many ag operations, and the benefits of a relatively mild spring for hard-working farm families in the Huron area.

Check out the article for yourself!

Curt’s Planting Forecast and COVID-19

Curt stopped (virtually) by KDLO radio last week to provide an update on his planting forecast for Beadle County, and to let our valued customers know all the things we’re doing to keep you safe, healthy, and ready to plant despite the additional challenges COVID-19 presents.

Although we continue to offer all our products and services for the planting season, we’ve changed how we offer many of them help minimize everyone’s risk of exposure to the coronavirus. We know a successful planting season is essential, which is why we continue to make every effort to meet this challenge with you…from your side of the fence.

Curt’s Early Spring Planting Update

Featured image credit: Isabelle Blanchemain

2019 Planting Clinic: 19 December!

Harvest is only just behind us, but it’s already time to think about next year’s planting! As always, we are committed to helping you prepare for next year to be the best year yet for your farm operation. Please join us at the Bauman Agency Warehouse north of Huron, at 10:30am on Thursday, December 19th for an update on the latest technology from Precision Planting, our 2019 Harvest Wrap-Up, and our current advice on planting in 2020. Lunch will be provided! We’re looking forward to closing out 2019 with you…from your side of the fence.

Featured Image Credit: US Department of Agriculture