December 20: Planting Clinic for 2018

Bauman Agency is ready to help you navigate all the steps you’ll need to take in 2018 to help your farm thrive!

We’re hosting a special free planting clinic on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Bauman Agency (9 miles north of Huron), where we will talk about all the right steps you’ll need to take from the bag to the bin in 2018.

We’ll give you the 2017 yield review, give you an inside scoop on 2018 soybean traits, provide you with the best strip-till strategies available, talk through all the options you’ll have for fertilizer this year, let you in on the secrets behind having a perfect stand, and congratulate this year’s Yield Hero winners!

Registration is from 10:00a to 10:30a, and lunch will be served. Please call us at 605-353-1112 with any questions. We’ll see you there!

Additional information is available here.

We’re Bauman Agency, and we see seed, crop insurance, and planter technology…from your side of the fence.

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Time to Prove You’re a Pioneer Hybrid Yield Hero

Bauman Agency is pleased to introduce our Hybrid Yield Hero contest. The yield contest is for each individual Pioneer corn and soybean product from the 2017 growing season. Each hybrid winner will be displayed on a banner that will remain on the Bauman Agency “Wall of Fame” for the year. They will also win a personalized Bauman Agency jacket and an invitation for 2 to our Yield Hero Dinner.


Rules and Regulations

  1. All entries must be harvested from Pioneer brand seed purchased from Bauman Agency.
  2. Each entry must consist of no less than 10 contiguous acres.
  3. Only one entry per person per hybrid. Producers may enter as many hybrids as they purchased.
  4. Each entry must be submitted on a separate entry form.
  5. All yields will be adjusted to dry bushels per acre (13% moisture for soybeans, 14% moisture for corn.)
  6. Yield evidence must be presented as scale tickets or a contiguous yield map.
  7. Irrigated and dryland acres will be in separate hybrid divisions.
  8. Winners must agree to have their picture taken. Bauman Agency will use these photographs in print and social media advertising.
  9. Deadline for entries is December 1st, 2017.
  10. If a tie should occur, the winner will be decided by whomever submitted the most Yield Hero entries.

Complete ALL of the information in the attached form and submit the entry form along with all production evidence to:

Bauman Agency
19897 SD Hwy 37
Huron, SD 57350

Reminder: All entries are due at the Bauman Agency office by December 1st, 2017.

Acreage Reporting Deadline: July 15th

It’s time to report your planted crop acres! Please pick up your maps from your Farm Service Agency and bring them and your planting information to us here at the Agency. We will assist you in completing your maps, and report your acres so you’ll need only drop your completed “as- planted” maps back at FSA. Acreage reporting is a critical step in determining your coverage and your premium.

We are happy to serve you in this process of providing an accurate report. This year the 15th falls on a Saturday so the official final deadline is July 17. Allow plenty of time to complete this process. No errors = no headaches! (We will be closed July 3 and 4 for the Independence Day Holiday.)

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Crop Insurance Deadline: March 15th

To be sure we provide the best coverage possible for you and your operation, we have scheduled an appointment time for your annual policy review. Watch your mailbox for your appointment letter and let us know right away if your scheduled time needs adjusting. We look forward to visiting with you soon. Thank you for insuring with us.

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Meter Madness

Bring your vacuum planter meters into Bauman Agency and we will clean them up, repair, run, and calibrate them for your population and planting speed and all for $25/ a row!* You will receive a report/per row on the accuracy of your meters.

Running your meters at least every other year and annually if you run through a lot of acres is vital! Ignoring this maintenance issue can be so costly to your yield. If you don’t get it in the ground right…you can never make up for it. Do Not skip this step!

With ­­­10 years of experience running meters here at Bauman Agency you can be assured that your meters are in good hands! Kevin Kleinsasser is a mechanical engineer and grain farmer with a great deal of Precision Planting training and experience with Precision Planting equipment on his own farm. Jon Wachter also runs Precision equipment on his acres and he and Wade Sabers have extensive Precision training and do an exceptional job with your meters.

Need us to pick up your meters? Give us a call!

March Madness Bonus!

Choose the winning team at Bauman Agency to run your meters and one team in the Final Four in Basketball’s March Madness and you may have your meters run for free!

This promotion expires March 10, 2017.

*Finger meters can be serviced for an additional $5 per row.

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Time to Report Production

To those multi-peril policyholders who did not have a crop insurance loss in 2016, it is now time to complete your production reports.  Processing your production before your annual policy change meeting allows for a more accurate quote for the 2017 crop year.  Required production evidence can include assembly sheets, proof of yield statements, silage appraisals, bin measurements, and load records.  Call the office today at (605) 353-1112 for an appointment to report your yields.

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Just One More Thing

Every year I attend several one or two day conferences to and earn credits and maintain my Certified Crop Advisor accreditation. Subjects each year cover soil health, plant diseases, new pesticides and Insecticide interactions, and the latest in new equipment and technology that ag has to offer. Having been out of college for more than just a few years, my brain starts to fog up and I must take a day or two after the conference to reflect on what was presented. Usually, after mulling over the information that I was exposed to, I come up with an underlying theme. This year, my take away thoughts go to “just one more thing.”

I love to “adjust” things or try to tweak a piece of equipment to get it to perform just a little bit better than it was when I first tried to operate it. Surely, my idea is even better than theirs! This is in direct conflict with the practice of thinking “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” that I have been using in my herbicide programs for the last several years.

This year’s conferences carried a common theme on weed resistance. If you have a program that you feel is working perfectly, you better add something to the mix or you could end up with severe weed pressure from weeds that have adapted resistance to your current management program. This involves learning to identify herbicide families and how they work, then using at least three herbicide families per field per year-just one more thing I need to worry about. In 2017 I will add dicamba resistant soybeans to battle weeds.

When I first let my daughter, Callee, convince me that I needed a 20/20 planter monitor, I did it as a favor to her, because I already knew everything I needed to know about my planter….boy was I in for a surprise! 

Until I could quantify the planting errors that I was making in dollars and cents, they were not in my focus at all.   Once again I had to admit that Callee was right when, several years, ago Precision Planting’s automatic down force, called Delta Force, became the next one more thing which helped me break through yield levels that I never imagined reaching. For 2017 I am adding v-drive (electric meters) to control variable rate seeding and row shutoffs.

Split application of fertilizer is also on our 2017 cropping practice target, so, this year I am looking at several one more things! Split application adds that final push of fertilizer to reach the optimum yield potential on each acre farmed, not field potential but rather dialing in on each acre’s potential. Many one more things could be added to current practices without adding many total dollars to expenses while delivering the highest possible profits.

Plan to attend Bauman Agency’s “Just One More Thing” seminar on Feb 10 at the Nordby 4-H Exhibit Hall on the SD State Fairgrounds. Get insights into 2017 crop market outlooks and new crop insurance strategies as well as the latest in planter enhancements available to make your planter run better than when you bought it. Hopefully your head fills with ideas and you find your just one more thing to make 2017 the best year possible. See you there.