Get Fully Loaded Beans for Fully Loaded Bins

We know choosing when and how to plant is a big part of managing your risk every season, and Bauman Agency is here to help. Loading your PioneerĀ® brand soybeans with the protection of the Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment offering will help ensure your seed investment is well covered when it needs it most. The right treatment for your soybeans will reduce the risk in planting soybeans early in the season, when soils are cooler and wet, and grow strong healthy plants able to ward off early-season insects and diseases. More information on PioneerĀ Premium Seed Treatment is available here.


Call us today at (605) 353-1112 for help in selecting the right varieties and treatment package to make the most from your soybean acres. After all, we’re Bauman Agency! We see seed and seed treatment from your side of the fence.

Image Credit: United Soybean Board

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