Sun Setting on Precision Planting Try It, Buy It Program June 1st

Thank you for trying the 20/20 Seed Sense, we hope you have had a productive planting season working with our system and that you 2016 planting year was a success. We trust that our system has benefited your bottom line and delivered a reliable, easy-to-use resource to your operation. We want to hear about how the product has benefited you, what changed, and improvements you were able to make due to the monitoring software. Please give us a call at (605) 353-1112 to tell us all about it!


We are confident you’ll want to purchase the system and keep it for the 2017 planting year, if not you must contact us by June 1st. Thank you again for participating in the “Try it. Buy it.” program.

Image Credit: Spinnakertog

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