Precision Planting: Setting Your 20/20 and FieldView for Replants

For our growers facing the need to replant a field, here are the instructions for correctly setting your 20/20 and FieldView Cab that will make the mapping of these fields seamless.


Replanting Fields:

Properly setting up your 20/20 and FieldView Cab will allow you to easily compare planting data across years and planting to harvest data.

  1. When replanting, DO NOT create a new field or a custom crop.
  2. When replanting fields, create a custom hybrid or variety. You may use the same hybrid or variety name with replant at the end (PO9929AMXP-Replant).

Doing this will result in the following:

  • Acres will continue to accumulate accurately, but the hybrids are reported separately in the planting summary so you can track original planting acres vs replant acres.
  • Replant maps will be painted over the top of the original maps.
  • Yield by Hybrid reports for data collected with YieldSense or Drive will still work.

If you are having any issues please contact Callee or Jonathan for any questions at (605) 353-1112.

Image Credit: United Soybean Board

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