Just One Thing at a Time, Every Time

Farmers today (and every day) hear about something he/she should be doing better, faster, and more efficiently. Every day brings another new technology to embrace, understand, and use. Every day there is news to digest, EPA warnings to heed, markets to watch, and opportunities to capture. Every day there is more to consider than there was than the day before. It seems that just when you upgrade to the latest/greatest whatever, someone comes out with a better idea. The speed at which information comes to us can be overwhelming and the volume of that information quite daunting. Perhaps the solution to riding the information train and avoid being left behind is this “Just One More Thing.”  How can I adopt just one more thing for certain aspects of my operation over time rather than implementing dozens of them spontaneously just trying to keep up?

Earlier this month, Bauman Agency hosted a day-long training for our customers focused on crop market outlooks, crop insurance and planter updates, technology, and crop management. We called it our Just One More Thing training with the goal of providing at least one good take-home piece of information from each segment of the day.

We were fortunate to host crop market expert Rich Morrison from Jacksonville, Illinois of Diversified Services. Rich presented his crop market outlook for 2017 and highlighted the tools to use to capture prices to meet goals and manage risk. Crop insurance was included in his list of tools as well as a new private product called Price Select. Price Select allows insureds to add months other than February and October to set their crop insurance price guarantees. The concepts that Rich talked about that day were, in my opinion, right on the mark. While he was speaking, I am pretty sure I was nodding my head to many of the suggestions he made. He cautioned us all to know our historical cost of production in order to know when we are approaching a good marketing opportunity. Guess I now have my One Thing from that session.

We also heard Bill Lankswerth’s counsel on ag financial risk management. Bill, from Louisville, KY, representing Agri-Financial Services, specializes in the development of positive financial relationships with lenders. His advice centered on how and what to compile and document to gain the support of our bankers.   The concepts that Bill talked about that day were, in my business partner’s opinion, right on the mark. (My business partner also happens to be my wife.)  While he was speaking my wife was nodding her head to each suggestion he made. Having a documented management approach for our farms was paramount to long term success. He insisted that a written overall strategic plan, including yield protection with crop insurance, product marketing and cost control was essential to gain bankers support and ensure long term profitability. My wife was all smiles! She likes to remind me that if a plan or goal isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist! I am a shoot-from-the-hip kind of guy and I find this process annoying, but, I had to admit that I now had my One Thing to take home from Bill’s session.

Decisions made about crop insurance coverage prior to March 15th are long term and remain in effect throughout the entire crop year. I truly believe that crop insurance coverage choices must be made with your goals for your operation and your risk management needs and crop marketing goals in mind, with an agent that understands and supports your goals. There is no one size fits all to crop insurance. Your risk management and marketing plan needs to be tailored to your needs. Visit with us about your farms coverage and get a quote for Price Select. This might be the One Thing that brings your best returns in 2017.

Image Credit: Will Scullin

Crop Insurance Deadline: March 15th

To be sure we provide the best coverage possible for you and your operation, we have scheduled an appointment time for your annual policy review. Watch your mailbox for your appointment letter and let us know right away if your scheduled time needs adjusting. We look forward to visiting with you soon. Thank you for insuring with us.

Image Credit: Dafne Cholet

Meter Madness

Bring your vacuum planter meters into Bauman Agency and we will clean them up, repair, run, and calibrate them for your population and planting speed and all for $25/ a row!* You will receive a report/per row on the accuracy of your meters.

Running your meters at least every other year and annually if you run through a lot of acres is vital! Ignoring this maintenance issue can be so costly to your yield. If you don’t get it in the ground right…you can never make up for it. Do Not skip this step!

With ­­­10 years of experience running meters here at Bauman Agency you can be assured that your meters are in good hands! Kevin Kleinsasser is a mechanical engineer and grain farmer with a great deal of Precision Planting training and experience with Precision Planting equipment on his own farm. Jon Wachter also runs Precision equipment on his acres and he and Wade Sabers have extensive Precision training and do an exceptional job with your meters.

Need us to pick up your meters? Give us a call!

March Madness Bonus!

Choose the winning team at Bauman Agency to run your meters and one team in the Final Four in Basketball’s March Madness and you may have your meters run for free!

This promotion expires March 10, 2017.

*Finger meters can be serviced for an additional $5 per row.

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Time to Report Production

To those multi-peril policyholders who did not have a crop insurance loss in 2016, it is now time to complete your production reports.  Processing your production before your annual policy change meeting allows for a more accurate quote for the 2017 crop year.  Required production evidence can include assembly sheets, proof of yield statements, silage appraisals, bin measurements, and load records.  Call the office today at (605) 353-1112 for an appointment to report your yields.

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Annual Crop Market Outlook: Friday, February 10th

Bauman Agency presents Rich Morrison, Risk Management Analyst from Diversified Services, with his annual crop market outlook on Friday, Feb 10th at the New Nordby Exhibit Hall on the state fairgrounds at 10am. We’re Bauman Agency, where we see  crop insurance from your side of the fence!

Meet the 2016 Yield Heroes

Congratulations to Bauman Agency’s 2016 Yield Heroes! Our first annual Yield Hero Contest was announced in September on our website and through a mailing that was sent to all of our Pioneer seed customers. Our growers were eligible to enter a yield result for each Pioneer variety planted. These 2016 Yield Heroes were honored at our first annual yield hero dinner where they were awarded their 2016 Yield Hero jackets.

Congratulations to…

Curt Bauman (left) and Scott Slepikas (right)

Scott Slepikas, winner with Pioneer P0339AMXT, Irrigated with 247.69 bu yield

Curt Bauman (left) and Steve Boomsma (right)

Steve A Boomsma, winner with  Pioneer soybean P18T26R2, Non irrigated with a 70.6 bu yield

Curt Bauman (left) and Dave Brooker (right)

Dave Brooker of Brooker Farms, winner with Pioneer corn P9188AMX, non-irrigated with 173.3 bu yield and irrigated Pioneer corn winner P0157 208.8 bu

Curt Bauman (left) and Peg Brooker (right)

Peg Brooker of Brooker Farms, winner with Pioneer corn P9188AMX, Non irrigated with 173.3 bu yield and irrigated Pioneer corn winner P0157 208.8 bu.

Curt Bauman (left) and Kevin Kleinsasser (right)

Kevin Kleinsasser  (and Kenny, not pictured), winners with non-irrigated Pioneer corn  P9703 155 bu yield, P0297 202 bu yield, and P0533AM1 192 bu yield and Pioneer non irrigated soybeans with  P20T79R2 55.7 bu yield and P22T69 with 67.6 bu yield

Not Pictured are Joe Chase with non-irrigated Pioneer corn P0339AMXT 220.48 bu yield, and Riverside Farm’s Sam Waldner, with irrigated Pioneer Corn varieties P0533AM1 192 bu yield and P0589AM 268.96 bu yield.

What a pleasure it is to work with growers who continually strive to improve yields! Congratulate them when you meet these progressive growers!