Meter Madness

Bring your vacuum planter meters into Bauman Agency and we will clean them up, repair, run, and calibrate them for your population and planting speed and all for $25/ a row!* You will receive a report/per row on the accuracy of your meters.

Running your meters at least every other year and annually if you run through a lot of acres is vital! Ignoring this maintenance issue can be so costly to your yield. If you don’t get it in the ground right…you can never make up for it. Do Not skip this step!

With ­­­10 years of experience running meters here at Bauman Agency you can be assured that your meters are in good hands! Kevin Kleinsasser is a mechanical engineer and grain farmer with a great deal of Precision Planting training and experience with Precision Planting equipment on his own farm. Jon Wachter also runs Precision equipment on his acres and he and Wade Sabers have extensive Precision training and do an exceptional job with your meters.

Need us to pick up your meters? Give us a call!

March Madness Bonus!

Choose the winning team at Bauman Agency to run your meters and one team in the Final Four in Basketball’s March Madness and you may have your meters run for free!

This promotion expires March 10, 2017.

*Finger meters can be serviced for an additional $5 per row.

Image Credit: Carolise

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