Curt’s Planting Forecast and COVID-19

Curt stopped (virtually) by KDLO radio last week to provide an update on his planting forecast for Beadle County, and to let our valued customers know all the things we’re doing to keep you safe, healthy, and ready to plant despite the additional challenges COVID-19 presents.

Although we continue to offer all our products and services for the planting season, we’ve changed how we offer many of them help minimize everyone’s risk of exposure to the coronavirus. We know a successful planting season is essential, which is why we continue to make every effort to meet this challenge with you…from your side of the fence.

Curt’s Early Spring Planting Update

Featured image credit: Isabelle Blanchemain

Harvest Update from Curt Bauman (Audio)

Our own Curt Bauman had the pleasure of talking to KWAT and KDLO radio’s Ag director, Chuck Langner, on 28 September 2017 to give him the Beadle County harvest update…from your side of the fence. Take a listen below!

One week later (5 October), rain continued to challenge us…but Beadle county ag growers kept plugging along!

A week later (12 October), Curt provided an update on the soybean harvest, with a look ahead to the corn harvest beginning for most growers. Listen in here!

Featured Image Credit: United Soybean Board