Now Hiring 2022 Intern

About Bauman Agency

Bauman Agency is a small, team oriented, customer focused, family owned ag company with multiple business entities, located 9 miles north of Huron, SD. We value honesty, integrity, and implement a long- range focus in serving area farmers and their families with their unique prosperity management needs. A farmer’s perspective is employed at all levels in the company and a thorough working knowledge is prized. We are looking for a 2022 Spring/Summer intern to join our successful and friendly team. Apply today!


Responsibilities would range from Boots-on-the-ground to hi tech.

  • Drone and infield field analysis
  • Customer contacts
  • Service in Pioneer Seed and Precision Planting technology
  • Assisting with Bauman Agency and customer seed plots.
  • Delivering seed to customers in season
  • Buildings and Grounds: mowing, weed whacking, spraying.
  • Fleet; clean and maintain vehicles
  • Assist with inventory numbers and accuracy

Call Louise to schedule an interview 605-353-1112