Curt’s Planting Forecast and COVID-19

Curt stopped (virtually) by KDLO radio last week to provide an update on his planting forecast for Beadle County, and to let our valued customers know all the things we’re doing to keep you safe, healthy, and ready to plant despite the additional challenges COVID-19 presents.

Although we continue to offer all our products and services for the planting season, we’ve changed how we offer many of them help minimize everyone’s risk of exposure to the coronavirus. We know a successful planting season is essential, which is why we continue to make every effort to meet this challenge with you…from your side of the fence.

Curt’s Early Spring Planting Update

Featured image credit: Isabelle Blanchemain

2019 Planting Clinic: 19 December!

Harvest is only just behind us, but it’s already time to think about next year’s planting! As always, we are committed to helping you prepare for next year to be the best year yet for your farm operation. Please join us at the Bauman Agency Warehouse north of Huron, at 10:30am on Thursday, December 19th for an update on the latest technology from Precision Planting, our 2019 Harvest Wrap-Up, and our current advice on planting in 2020. Lunch will be provided! We’re looking forward to closing out 2019 with you…from your side of the fence.

Featured Image Credit: US Department of Agriculture

Curt’s Late November Harvest Update (and 2020 Preview!)

It’s time for another update from Curt on the last few acres of unharvested 2019 crops in Beadle County. While some have completed harvest for the season, a few farmers in the area are still waiting for wet ground to firm up enough to allow them to finish the fall harvest. Curt also reports on the relative performance of some of Pioneer’s top hybrids — listen in for more information!

Image Credit: Mark Burkhardt

Curt’s Mid-October Harvest and Weather Radio Update

Curt had the opportunity this week to share some insight on the unique challenges to fall harvest presented by the weather this season. Wet fields and wet crops…but things are set to improve!

Curt also shared some opportunities to maximize your discounts for next year’s seed purchase.

Listen in to learn more!



Agronomy Update: Looking Ahead to 2020

2019 isn’t over, but it’s already time to start planning for next year’s planting and harvest seasons. Please join us on Thursday 12 September at Bauman Agency for free agronomy update! We will meet from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm; lunch will be provided!

Please call us at 605-353-1112 to RSVP!

Looking forward to seeing you!